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4.1-Application for MS in Nursing 25-26 You are applying for the Master of Science in Nursing program.
4.2-Application for PhD in Nursing Science 25-26 You are applying for the PhD in Nursing Science program.
     2025SU Nursing

4.3-Application for Doctor of Nursing Pract. 25-26 You are applying for the Doctor of Nursing Practice program.
     2025SU Adult-Gerontology Clin Nrs Spc
     2025SU Family Nurse Practitioner
     2025SU Women's Health Practitioner
     2025SU Registered Nurse Anesthetists
     2025SU Psych Mental Health Nurse Prac

9.0-CAHS Initial Entry Application This application applies to Initial Entry Service Members and Retraining Service Members who are attending one of the CAHS Branch Campuses seeking initial qualification within a Military Health System MOS, NEC, or AFSC ONLY.
By submitting this application, the applicant agrees to allow the USUHS, Office of the University Registrar administration to order and obtain an official copy of their Joint Service Transcript (JST) and/or Community College of the Air Force Transcript (CCAF).
     2024SP Cardiovascular Technician
     2024SP Health Physics Technician
     2024SP Hospital Corpsman Basic
     2024SP Histology Technician
     2024SP Medical Laboratory Technician
     2024SP Neurodiagnostic Technologist
     2024SP Nuclear Medicine Technologist
     2024SP Nutrition Science
     2024SP Ophthalmic Technician
     2024SP Opticianry
     2024SP Pharmacy Technician
     2024SP Radiologic Technologist
     2024SP Radiation Health Technician
     2024SP Advanced Tactical Provider
     2024SP IDC Submarine Alternate
     2024SP IDC Submarine
     2024SP IDC Surface
     2024SP Urology Technician
     2024SP Public Health Technician
     2024SP Global Community Health
     2024SP Emer Med Services-Paramedic