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This application applies to Initial Entry Service Members, Retraining Service Members, and Service Members who are on Official Military Orders with assignment as Technical Training Instructors at one of the CAHS Independent Branch Campuses ONLY.
Application for Doctor of Nursing Practice
Application for Master of Science in Nursing Program
Application for PhD Program
High School Student Contact Card
This form is for Site Coordinators. to gain access to Empower.
Apply to USU Distance Learning Program in Global Health
The university offers summer internships to local middle school students that are interested in careers in the biomedical sciences. The internships are part of a formal annual summer training program that gives students an opportunity to work in a research laboratory. The program includes a workshop on how to prepare scientific manuscripts, and also includes a series of lectures that introduces students to different scientific fields of study.
To apply for a research internship for the summer of 2018, please submit the application form, letter of recommendations, and a one-page essay by 11:59 pm June 1, 2018. Please do not directly contact participating faculty. The dates for this program are 13-17 August 2018.
Apply to USU Graduate Education Program for 2018
Apply to USU Graduate Education Program for 2019
Psychology Application